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Yesterday when I posted this, I had no idea the reaction it would get and after becoming my most shared and liked photo on both Instagram and Facebook, it was interesting to think that this photo never would have happened had I not started a 100 day photo challenge. Photography or anything you do for that matter is about dedication and I have never lost sight of that it only gets more and intense for me I only want to do better and better, and I just want to be better. So if you are reading this and you second guess anything keep pushing keep going and never stop!



Sirens is a new series which I am very excited to debut. This series was shot all on Hasselblad. The idea behind this series was to capture time so I took very long exposures some the shortest 2 minutes the longest 28 minutes no photoshop all effects done in camera. The challenge for creating this series was movement having everyone be still for such long periods of time. Below you will see a small making of check it out to see how some of these images were made! This series is available through Guy Hepner

YouTube Preview Image











Dont live for likes

A lot of people just care about likes they think about making or posting work that will only get likes, of course you want people to enjoy your work but likes wont make you happy they wont help you create the work for you want to create. Create what you want to create don’t makes things to please others or to get likes!

This photo didn’t get a lot of likes but it sold out in a gallery…