Editions of 100

High quality digital print. 30×20 inches. Edition of 100. Comes with a certificate of authenticity. The editions of 100 are $1000 and will ship within 3-6 weeks to purchase please email info@tylershields.com If the print you want is not in this section please send an email and request it the print may be available.

chromatic kiss



open mouth

tongue tied


mouth heart

mouth water

mouth smoke

pepper spray Francesca Eastwood Alessandra Toressani Scott Patterson Gabriel Mann Connor Paolo Taylor Handley Shawn Pyfrom Logan Huffman Spencer Falls Brett London Matt Smiley Andrew James Allen Jordon Fink Ben Hoeksema and Jeff Lopez

francesca eastwood birkin

francesca eastwood birkin

francesca eastwood birkin

birkin chainsaw

cliff jump into water

sunrise eiffel tower francesca eastwood

francesca eastwood lipstick


x ray christian louboutins

kid crying on a farm

Christian Louboutins being destroyed

Christian Louboutin cut in half

Christian Louboutin cut in half

dianna agron

demi lovato

Tyler Shields francesca eastwood

sarah jones

heather morris magic

Lydia Hearst and Leven Rambin