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This is my new series Chromatic. A huge thanks to everyone who took part in this series… Imagination is the idea of excellence art is the act of creating it!

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chromatic francesca eastwood

chromatic kiss

amazing photography

emily vancamp

emily vancamp gabriel mann joshua bowman ashley madekwe

emily vancamp joshua bowman

gabriel mann ashley madekwe

chromatic joshua bowman

chromatic revenge

chromatic clouds

chromatic space

color war


francesca eastwood

chromatic kiss

claire julien



chromatic lydia hearst

ali cobrin francesca eastwood adelaide kane






Gravity is the greatest enemy freedom ever faced!
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Garret Dillahunt and Ali Cobrin take the Salton Sea

Odd things happen at the Salton Sea this was a tough tough shoot Ali passed out from heat stroke Garret dislocated my shoulder by hitting me with a pipe during the video and there were about 20 000 fish that were dead on the beach when we got there the heat was so intense it made the cameras freeze up so I had to cover them to make them work. One of the worst shoots I have ever had with one of the best results THE SALTON SEA is insane! Garret was a trooper and Ali stayed alive after passing out the first time even Garret who once jumped off a bridge for me asked me if what we were doing was safe…
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garret dillahunt ali cobrin amazing photography

garret dillahunt ali cobrin

garret dillahunt ali cobrin

garret dillahunt

tyler shields ali cobrin

the salton sea

This one took blood sweat and tears also about 2 gallons of gatorade and a lot of sunscreen. This was awful awful awful and everyone was really pissed at me until they saw the results!

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2011 was by far the most amazing year of chaos yet but it still is just a warm up for what’s to come, a lot of new people came into the family in 2011 and everyone stepped up their game quite a bit. Here is the 2011 video hope you enjoy… Make sure you check out the new Portfolio and Video sections
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Who is you’re favorite in the video?
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What an amazing year it has been and what an even more amazing year its going to be! Here is the year end video and this is about the most accurate count of who is in it and the order I can give you…

Lindsay Lohan, Juno Temple, Shiloh Fernandez, Harry Shum Jr, Garret Dillahunt, Haley Bennet, Aaron Paul, Ali Cobrin, Lydia Hearst, Alex Pettyfer, Levin Rambin, Matt Dallas, Alessandra Torresani, Izabella Miko, Deborah Ann Woll, Emma Roberts, Colton Haynes, Ashley Bell, Alison Brie, Julianna Guill, Zachary Quinto, Sara Paxton, Kristen Carpenter, Brittany Snow, Toby Hemingway, Thomas Dekker, Josh Hutcherson, Ro, Elena Satine, Lyndsy Fonseca, Stana Katic, Scott Patterson, Taylor Cole, Portia Doubleday, Kyle Gallner, Summer Glau, AJ Mclean, Conner Paolo, Logan Huffman, Haley Ramm, Ashley Greene, Dakota Johnson, Lauren Hanawalt, Michael Gladis, Lauren Storm, Vincent Kartheiser, Jayma Mays, Cody Longo, Kristin Cavallari, Jordon Fink, Danny Trejo, Electra Avellan, Josh Henderson, Beth Behrs, Alex Meraz, Justin Long, Rainn Wilson, Kellan Lutz, Gary Busey, Bobby Campo, Brie Larson, Jamie Alexander, Zelda Williams, and Tyler Shields.

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Here are some grabs from the video as well!

lindsay lohan classic

lindsay lohan black and white

zachary quinto black and white

emma roberts black and white

alex pettyfer sexy

ashley bell

haley bennett


alison brie sexy


elena satine

lydia hearst

juno temple shiloh fernandez england

One day these will be the old days!
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The 40th day

The 40th day! As I closed in on my goal my mind was doing all it could to keep me awake and also be able to shoot I had the bright idea that I would get in a bed and have some friends set me on fire and that is exactly what happened! The video is crazy and here are a few of the photos! The amazing Garret Dillahunt Izabella Miko and Ali Cobrin Check out an interview about the 40 days

The rules of the universe only apply to you if you let them…

Izabella Miko Ali Cobrin

Nothing wakes you up like fire 3 inches from you!

Izabella Miko Ali Cobrin garret dillahunt

This is one of my favorite behind the scenes shots of me ever!

Izabella Miko Ali Cobrin

Once you realize that you can do anything you can do everything!
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It took me 8 hours to fall asleep and after 40 days of not sleeping I slept from 8am to 1:55 pm I woke up starving and ate half a loaf of bread sitting on my kitchen floor. My head felt like it was going to explode almost as if a tank was driving through a wall and the only think stopping it was my head! I still feel a bit like a balloon floating in space my feet dont feel like they are on the ground! This is what I was doing when I hit 40 days after a crazy night of shooting! Special thanks to Garret Dillahunt Izabella Miko and Ali Cobrin for an amazing night! Also a little side note i find funny I was monitored the entire time I was doing this by a team of people my monitor who fell asleep shortly after I did is still sleeping he has slept longer then me!

Garret Dillahunt Izabella Miko and Ali Cobrin

I was awake for 968 hours total… I will talk about the dreams later that’s a whole other conversation!
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