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This is my new series Chromatic. A huge thanks to everyone who took part in this series… Imagination is the idea of excellence art is the act of creating it!

To purchase one of the Chromatic series please visit the Store section
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chromatic francesca eastwood

chromatic kiss

amazing photography

emily vancamp

emily vancamp gabriel mann joshua bowman ashley madekwe

emily vancamp joshua bowman

gabriel mann ashley madekwe

chromatic joshua bowman

chromatic revenge

chromatic clouds

chromatic space

color war


francesca eastwood

chromatic kiss

claire julien



chromatic lydia hearst

ali cobrin francesca eastwood adelaide kane






Gravity is the greatest enemy freedom ever faced!
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No alarms

What an incredible trip I just went on the photos and videos I got are insane and i cant wait to share as I was inside a place I had to jump fences to get into covered in mud and not knowing what would happen to me if I fell into the murky water below I took a moment to reflect on everything that was going on and all the things in my life that had led me to that exact moment… Everything little thing you do effects every big thing you do adventure is there waiting to be taken!

Tyler Shields flying

This is a photo of me taken while on my crazy trip this weekend…
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They do exsist

You have to believe in magic for it to believe in you.

I am writing this at 6:45 am having some unicorn tears with my toast… Met some new amazing people tonight and had an incredible shoot which I will post sometime today is all about prep it appears as atleast 5 shoots will go down on Friday!


Meeting an incredible person is rare but it can be such an inspiration.
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