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Hasselblad Masters 2016

I have been using Hasselblad cameras for a long time so this is a real honor!

The Hasselblad Masters Award is an international competition created by Hasselblad.

This year the competition had over 10,700 photos submitted worldwide by professional photographers. Only 10 images were selected for each of the 10 categories my image is in the art section.

tyler shields

  • Go to http://www.hasselblad.com/inspiration/masters/masters-2016
  • First you need to create an account. You can’t sign in yet if you don’t have an account. When you’re done, a confirmation email will be sent to you to activate your account. Once your account activated, sign in. Choose ART   Click 3 stars on the  Girl Running from the airplane Pick your top 3 images: give 3 stars to your favorite photo  2 stars to your second favorite, then 1 star to your third favorite. Once your 6 stars are used up, click on ‘CAST VOTE’ to confirm your vote.
  • Hasselblad masters


The first step to freedom is adventure.

45 years ago in 1968 Nasa debuted the first images of Earth from the moon. Space has always been that magical place the idea of worlds beyond this world. I always loved the idea of floating through space no gravity just silence and landing on another planet it always seemed like a dream but the best dreams are the ones that become reality in our parents life time we landed on the moon in our life time we may land on Mars I just didn’t want to wait since I have yet to build a space ship so I got the next best thing a couple of Hasselblad camera’s and some space suits and away we went.

When I first spoke to Hasselblad about shooting a series with one of their cameras the first thought I had was doing a space series. Hasselblad made the camera’s for the moon landing so I thought it only fighting to shoot this series on a Hasselblad, I used the H system and the 500c which is the same type they used on the moon you can see below a few of the behind the scenes shots. Huge thanks to Hasselblad if you have never shot with one you must!

15 astronauts

spaceman alien

mars landing

moon landing


blue sky

road to mars

lift off



training facility

self portrait in space

behind the scenes

american flag in space

mars photoshoot

Tyler Shields space series

guys in spacesuits