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Toronto and Nikita

Went up to Toronto to see my friend Lyndsy Fonseca who knew there was a film festival going on the same weekend (a lot of people just not me) When the man stamping my passport told me I was to be searched and then 5 people asked me why I was visiting their country I knew I was in for a good time and a good trip. I took no phone with me on this trip and would only use strangers cells phones and security guards phones (which I dont think Lyndsy liked because I was very hard to get a hold of) during my trip met some amazing people saw some amazing friends and had an amazing trip to say the least… The Nikita set is awesome some of the nicest people I have ever met and the actors are super great and just so happy to be having the fun they are! Nikita is on tonight at 9pm on the CW so make sure you check it out and enjoy!

Tyler Shields lyndsy fonseca

Made a few T shirts for the trip Would you buy a T shirt I made?
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