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Digital Rev Tyler Shields

Check out this amazing piece by DigitalRev and Rick Boost

As one of the most recognizable photographers in L.A, Tyler Shields knows what descriptors are thrown his way by the critics. Works that slam together glitz and grime together, like bubblegum sparkle mashed with dirt, have seen him proclaimed as tawdry, a shock tactician, and a firebrand. One particular moniker he has chosen to embrace as the title of his new photo collection book is ‘Provocateur’.
“History is always more interesting then present day because you can look back on it from all angles,” Shields says. “In the present we form opinions and those become bias but when you look back you see it for what it was and then from there create a series in a totally different way.”
Shields’ likes to play in whatever era grabs him; and what grabs Shields is the empathically iconic. Whether that be the intoxicating hedonism of aristocratic 18th century France or the societal stresses of modern America. Shields says “I like to create my own history and the freedom in that is priceless.”

Tyler Shields portrait

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