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Steal this art

Dear Instagram facebook and anyone else who wants to rob and steal heres how it is information is sent around the world in a second and people pay attention to everything so why would you want to steal from the people who make you you’re money? Oh yes for more money because 3 private jets is way better then 2. to anyone who thinks you can’t do anything about these awful rules and terms of service its simple stop using them these companies will fade away it started with AOL chat rooms shall we not forget the times when we had screen names like tshields10, AOL thought they were un touchable friendster lasted as long as a meal and myspace had a chance but died a slow death, facebook you are not untouchable your stock has crashed and no one cares everyone is over the stupid changes you make I mean seriously timeline are you joking? We were waiting for the next cool thing which was instagram which you bought for a billion dollars i might ad hows that working out? When the asshole at the party buys their way into the party that does not mean they are cool that means they are morons with money who can buy others ideas and destroy them so here we go instagram is going to die just like the rest of them but before they do they are going to rob you just like facebook tried to do until enough people stop using it and the next thing will pop up and replace all of this none sense… Cutting edge new sites exist and they dont steal your money they help you make it here is one kumbuya.com
To whoever thinks they can get away with this the people you are trying to steal from are the people who pay you’re salary never forget that! By the time you read this they will have already changed the policy and gone back on it because enough people freaked out but that doesn’t change the fact that it happened!

steal this art

When you steal from an artist you are stealing their blood sweat and tears.
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