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Collisions are a new type of photography I have created, they are made using NO PHOTOSHOP and no double exposure, What you are looking at is one image taken with one camera… I CAN NOT STRESS TO YOU ENOUGH THIS IS ALL DONE IN CAMERA NO PHOTOSHOP!!!!!!!! The name of these are “Collisions” more will be coming down the road a bit but for now here is the first ever released.Also this is NOT double exposure has nothing to do with exposure… If you have interest of watching the video of me shooting the guy here is the video check out Popeater.com video I shot a man!

Tyler Shields collisions

“Love” The 4 corners the 2 people are in 4 states at one time. New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Arizona.

zachary quinto collision

“Zachary Quinto”

french kiss collision

“French Kiss” People ask if I really went to Paris for this how could I not go to Paris for this!

mouth collision

“Mouth” Hands and a mouth with a little spit

Matt Dallas Haley Bennett collision

“Matt Dallas Haley Bennett”

alessandra torresani collision

“Alessandra Torresani”

ashley greene collision

“Ashley Greene”

Tyler Shields collisions sleepless

“Tyler Shields Sleepless”
Have you ever seen anything like this before? What are your thoughts on Collisions?
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